No show tonight Nov 21

No show tonight due to UCI basketball preemption. Back live in studio next Monday!

No show tonight - UCI basketball preemption

UCI basketball on the airwaves tonight and my show will resume next Monday night Nov 21 live in studio. Let's go Eater basketball!

Re-airing Halloween Special from 2016

On tonight's Halloween broadcast...Re-airing the Halloween special from 2016 on tonight's Halloween show featuring an exclusive guest mix from the fine folk at Los Angeles' Rendezvous Collective

Tracklist here:

No show tonight 10/17

Archived show will be queued up and back live in studio next week!

Archived show tonight Aug 22

Archived show will air tonight 8/22!

No show July 4

An archived show will air tonight, July 4, and will be back broadcasting live next week July 11 !

No show tonight Dec 27

A rerun of last weeks show will air tonight showcasing some of my favorites of 2021. New content starting next week. Happy New Year!

No show Nov 15

Archived show will air tonight Nov 15. Back live next Monday night!

October 5 show postponed - will resume October 12

Last week's show on October 5 was cut short due to power outage from a thunderstorm. It will resume in it's entirety today October 12. Listen live 8-10pm

Show Update - BACK ONLINE!

The music continues this evening, September 27th, 2021 after more than 18 months in hiatus. I can't wait to continue to share a wealth of music for your ears and enjoyment. Same time, same airwaves. Cheers all - J