Innamissions playlist for 8-1-2005

**Selections from "DJ Nuts - Cultura Copia" Brasilian funk mix**

Reuben WilsonBlue ModeBlue Note
Fabulous 3NightbirdTruth in Soul
PIR SquareFantasyLuv n Haight
Bobbi HumphreyJasper Country ManBBE
Red AstaireCome DownGAMM
Dyke & the BlazersLet a Woman Be a Woman (and let a man be a man)Tommy Boy
BreakestraFamily Rap (1979 mix)Ubiquity
QuasimotoBus RideStones Throw
**Selections from "DJ Nuts - Cultura Copia" Brasilian funk mix**
Murs & SlugDirty GirlRhymesayers
Giant PandaDiggin in the TapesTres
Just IcePut That Record Back On
Schooly DHousing the Joint
KRS OnePoetry
Ice-TNew Jack Hustler (David Morales Stress Mix)
ParisBreak the Grip of Shame
Public EnemyShut Em Down (Pete Rock rmx)
Large ProHard
Ed OG & the BulldogsI Got to Have it
Channel LiveMad Izm feat. Krs One
De la SoulBreakadawn (inst.)