J. Pulaski - Winter Sun Mix 2008

a little selection mix inspired by falling rain and coffee. click on "read more" below for tracklisting. please excuse the 'pops' here and there, did it on one take...

-=: tracklisting :=-
devon craig - morning
little dragon - twice
city of prague philharmonic - american beauty
cinematic orchestra - familiar ground
kings of convenience - weight of my words (four tet inst.)
clutchy hopkins - 3:07
bonobo - if you stayed over (inst + reprise)
alexi murdoch - 12
emancipator - lionheart
kira neris - season 8 episode 12
joash - salome
kira neris - with all his might
cinematic orchestra - everyday
radiohead - videotape
burial - forgive

Another interesting mix of

Another interesting mix of instruments, voices and ideas. Thanks for finding special music and sharing it with everyone.

good shit!!

Great mix, man! so good to hear some shit that I haven't heard before...great selection and transitions...Peace...Pditty!