Rendezvous Halloween Special - Monday 10/31/16

This week we have an exclusive mix provided by the RENDEZVOUS! crew. Tune in for halloween themed selections covering a wide variety of soundtracks, scores, library cues & archives, included with global weirdness + oddities.

RENDEZVOUS! is a DJ collective & monthly event in Los Angeles, CA. Resident DJ's Alfonso, AM, Carlos Rossi, Dina Juntila, Chris Tillotson, Ethan Hull, and Marsellus Wallace spin late 60's thru early 80's Euro soundtracks, sound library grooves, global psychedelia, incredibly strange cosmic funk, and other sonic oddities. There are also screenings of an assorted array of films from the poliziotteschi & giallo genres. It all goes down on the SECOND Friday of every month at the Hyperion Tavern in Los Angeles.