Innamissions playlist for 10-31-2016

Halloween Special tonight with guest mixes from Ethan Hull & Chris Tillotson of the Rendezvous! collective in hour 2 and some tunes to fit the Halloween vibe in hour 1. Follow Rendezvous! at @rendezvous_la and peep the site at

kode9 & spaceapeghost townhyperdub 5.0hyperdub
forest swordsthe plumesengravingstri angle
brownoutplanet caravanbrown sabbathubiquity
silvano d'auriasortilegio - titolisortilegiofour flies
jean claude vannierle roi des mouches et la confiture de rousel'enfant assassin des mouchesfinders keepers
alain goraguerdeshominisationla planete sauvagesuperior viaduct
the vampires of dartmooretanz der vampiredracula's music cabinetfinders keepers
debruitder saadet feat. melike sahindebruit & istanbulici
eggfugue in d minoreggderam
dirty art clubrosslyn's crypthexesphonosaurus
snaresblack sabbathsabbath dubskriss
zombya devil lay herededication4ad
illum sphereghosts of then and nowghosts of then and nowninja tune
john carpenterdistant dreamlost themes IIsacred bones
nightsatantheme from the loops of doomnightsatan and the loops of doomdeath waltz
kuedowhisper fateseverantplanet mu
rendezvousguest mixes