Innamissions playlist for 11-13-2017

New music this week from: Jono McCleery, Anenon, Synkro, Radio Citizen, Hunrosa, Jonny Faith, Dub Gabriel and more. Also tickets to check out Forest Swords live in L.A. Sat Nov 18th @ the Echo. Tune in to win!

innamissions 11.13.17

jono mccleeryingenue (synkro remix)ingenueninja tune
nils frahmkeepfelterased tapes
anenonversotonguefriends of friends
synkrohand in handhand in hand e.p.apollo
cs + kremewhipwhiptotal s
hidden orchestraalythalythtru thoughts
yør kulturawillow (mehmet aslan remix)the magic movementransom note
darksidea3darkside e.p.clown and sunset
radio citizenserenesilent guidesonar kollektiv
forest swordsif your girldagger pathsolde english spelling bee
forest swordsarms outcompassionninja tune
forest swordsthor's stoneengravingstri angle
apichat pakwanankanang (dub version)ankananganimist
dub gabrielblack magic, white liesadsr dubdestroy all concepts
manu delagochimp rave (luo remix)metromonk remixed e.p.tru thoughts
mount kimbiefour years and one daylove what surviveswarp
the james l'estraunge orchestrawe riseeventual realitybbe
hunrosaallall: remixeswah wah 45's
the seshenspectaclespectacletru thoughts
jonny faithapollola lune e.p.tru thoughts
biceprainbicepninja tune
jacques greeneto sayfeel infiniteluckyme
romarecome close to me (live session 2)live sessions 1 tune
jitwamalonejitwamcosmic compositions
metal fingerseucalyptusspecial herbs box setnature sounds
letherettemaster chinbrown lounge vol. 1wulf
vanillawho gets your lovesweet talkvanilla
kikuchi momokomystical composertokyo nights: female j-pop & boogie 1981-1988cultures of soul