Innamissions playlist for 11-20-2006

**for a recording of this week's show message or email me (**

Innamissions playlist for 11-13-2006

only an hour long show this week due to UCI basketball preemption

Innamissions playlist for 10-30-2006

a bit of the more darker, halloween inspired selections for tonight's show with some new material as well from Thavius Beck, Owusu & Hannibal (with the aptly titled 'monster'), and the Sol.illaquists of Sound.

Innamissions playlist for 10-9-2006

Will Samuels hosted this week's show while I was out of town. Here's the playlist...

Innamissions playlist for 9-7-2006

filled in for the 'straight outta illvine' show tonight as the host, Big R, has left to attend law school recently. check out his site ''. didn't have to fret over the censors as this was after 10pm and i could keep those 'clean edits' in the crate at home! here's the setlist, will be up this week...i hope...

Innamissions playlist for 8-28-2006

Tonight's show features a guest mix from Presto. His new album, Magic, is out now on Concrete Grooves. Also got new tracks from TM Juke, DJ Shadow, Freddie Cruger, Radio Citizen, Pharoahe Monch, and Jimpster. Enjoy.

Innamissions playlist for 7-24-2006

Brand spankin new material from the Roots off of "Game Theory" album out next month, Radio Citizen off of "Berlin Serengeti" out September, Dj Shadow from his upcoming full length "the Outisder" also out September, and from Jay Dee's "the Shining" album out next month. All stellar projects! enjoy the show...